Recognition of Dangerous Goods Transportation plates can improve tunnels and bridges security

SURVISION has finalized the porting of specialized algorithms for these special license plates

Securing tunnels and bridges is a field especially benefited from License Plate Recognition (LPR). Survision Cameras such as Micropak 3 are capable to recognize dangerous goods transportation plates so operators can efficiently monitor special vehicles (HAZMAT carriers, for example) entering and exiting these structures and perform a faster and more accurate response in case of accidents.

LPR also gives operators the capability of surveying roads and tunnels for other security purposes:

  • Study of vehicles numbers on road networks
  • Vehicle counting in accidents
  • Monitoring of authorized vehicles

Hazmat LPR Installation  by survision

Connected to a Central Command Point, the Dangerous Goods (DG) cameras allow us to monitor daily traffic and provide information for a system of Automatic Detection of Incidents (ADI) or on a dedicated application such as AUTOFOCUS.

Micropak LPR Camera
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