Quebec Rouyn-Noranda Airport

One of the most northern airports in the world!


Shortly before the pandemic lockdown reached Canada, the airport management was looking to invest in the improvement of its facilities.

Once the public health risk escalated to a global issue, the request for much stricter safety measures became mandatory at Rouyn-Noranda Airport too: an immediate issue to tackle at all access points of the airport. This triggered a fast and effective expansion adaptation of the original parking project, to an even more touchless and all-digital system. The new plan relied more heavily on the integration of LPR technology into JMS, and the mobile/tablet use of the management software.


All cameras, supplied by Survision, read rear plates of vehicles in the parking lanes. The plate data are instantly fed into the management software, and guarantee a seamless exit to all vehicles whose plate matches with the data stored into JMS records at the moment the same vehicle first entered the car park.


The speed and precision advantages of LPR might not be news to the parking industry, but the evolved technology of Survision devices has proved to solve the ticket swapping problem in this specific installation. Not only LPR does reduce the risk of in-lane fraud (vehicles passing close behind the previous ones) but it also prevents the mischievous use of the same ticket by the wrong vehicle (one that should pay a higher fee, for a longer parking time).

The implementation of Survision cameras for license plate recognition (LPR) has allowed to deliver an effective change with little effort, making lane access more fluid and more secure.


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