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Pacific Centre Parking

Pacific Center is a very busy shopping mall in downtown Vancouver


LPR plays an important role to let monthly subscribers In and Out very quickly especially in rush hours and during the holidays season


''EasyPark chose to partner with two groups, one for equipment and one for Cameras. Two lanes were tested, one in and one out, for the initial three months and once 97% accuracy was obtained, the remainder of the lanes (eleven in and out in total) were installed.

Through LPR we were able to both streamline the car share experience and completely shut down and risk of theft. Drivers simply drive to the gate and it lets them in or out. The benefits are felt by all parties including other customers who were inconvenienced when having to line up behind car share.'' - Nigel Bullers, EasyPark CEO


''In Vancouver we are fortunate because we don’t often deal with snow and mud in the way that other cities might. So, our read rate is good. How good? Well after about 13 months on the program we can safely say that we are running 99% accuracy on vehicles in this lot.

A number that is surprising to us, and if pushed to explain how it is so high, we spent considerable time testing cameras before selecting the product that works the best and are well supported.'' -Nigel Bullers, EasyPark CEO

Common Features

All included

Lights, protection and connection are integrated into the LPR Cameras

No LPR Server Needed

LPR is performed in the LPR cameras firmware

No trigger needed

LPR cameras detect and process plates at vehicle speeds as high as 250 kph

AI powered firmware

Neural networks are used to learn from every plate read and increase performance over time

Short & Fast!

The shortest LPR distance (from 5ft!) at the highest reading speed (20ms)

One camera per lane

You do not need more than 1 Survision LPR camera to get LPR working

Performance Warranty

Contractual ensurance of performance or money refund

Supervision Dashboard

Human/Software Supervision tool that certifies installation and monitors performance

Advanced Support

Highly trained, dedicated teams for every project. Quotes in 24 hrs, shipping in 48

Survision Nanopak Totem LPR Camera

The only LPR cameras with performance warranty

Satisfied or refunded!

We ensure a certain range of LPR reading rates that will satisfy your needs, burn it in a contract and then make it true; otherwise we will refund 100% of your payment.

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