New Survision Web Interfaces.

Our CDK (Camera Development Kit) has always been Open and Free.

At Survision we think that Integrations must be open and easy, that any company should be able to integrate our technology in the simplest possible way.

That’s why our CDK (Camera Development Kit) has always been Open and Free.

This year we decided to add a new way to integrate with our LPR cameras: Web interface using REST and WEB SOCKETS protocols.

Why did we choose these two protocols?

REST is uni-directional in nature, meaning that Client and Server are not connected. They only communicate by requests.

WEBSOCKET, instead, is bi-directional, Client and server can communicate in real-time without the need of any command.

Our cameras need to be able to communicate in real-time by sending logs (for ex: the license plate data) without the need to receive a request.

Combining REST for the uni-directional commands and WEB SOCKETS to keep the connection with the camera, Integrators will be able to easily get the LPR data from Survision cameras and be ready to offer this solution to its customers. 

Contact Survision sales team for more information.

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