M6 Toll

Presentation of our LPR solution for free-flow on the M6 Toll, Expressway in England


The M6 Toll, located in the English Midlands, wanted to modernise to enhance customer experience, reduce fraud, and increase the flow of traffic through the toll plaza on this stretch of road used by more than 50,000 daily users.


To meet these expectations, FARECO, the M6Toll system integrator has equipped its lanes with LPR cameras, all supplied by SURVISION. This installation has enabled several significant advances. Indeed, the cameras allow customers to pay for their journey beforehand on the M6 Toll website and to associate their account with their number plate. Once at the tollbooth, the camera detects the number plate, associates it with the customer's account and opens the barrier instantly. The HGV drivers of the British company Maritime were the first to test this new system in "Free-Flow". The company is one of the largest logistics operators in the UK. After Maritime's successful trial, other operators joined the pilot project, proving its effectiveness.


The result? A reduction in management costs for the operator, a very effective response to fraud and an improvement in the flow of traffic at the toll plaza. 

For customers, this installation is of course a time saver but also a certain peace of mind. The journey is paid for even before getting into the car, so there are no more unpleasant surprises at the terminal or lost tickets. For transport companies, their fleet of vehicles can now complete their journey in one go, and drivers no longer have to worry about paying at the toll booth.






Common Features

All included

Camera, lights, protection and connection, integrated

No LPR Server Needed

LPR is entirely performed in the firmware of the LPR camera

No trigger needed

LPR camera detects and process plates at vehicle speeds as high as 250 kph

AI powered firmware

Neural networks are used to learn from every plate read and increase performance over time

Short &Fast!

The shortest LPR distance (from 5ft!) at the highest reading speed (20ms)

One camera per lane

You do not need more than 1 Survision LPR camera to get LPR working

Performance Warranty

Contractual ensurance of performance or money refund

Supervision Dashboard

LPR Camera supervision tool that certifies installation and monitors performance

Advanced Support

Highly trained, dedicated teams for every project. Quotes in 24 hrs, shipping in 48

Survision Nanopak Totem LPR Camera

The only LPR cameras with performance warranty

Satisfied or refunded!

We ensure a certain range of LPR reading rates that will satisfy your needs, burn it in a contract and then make it true; otherwise we will refund 100% of your payment.

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