LPR Cameras for tolling and ITS

LPR cameras precise enough to meet free flow tolling and road monitoring challenges

The use of fixed License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras in traditional and Free-Flow toll lanes or Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) can help operators achieve a more intelligent road operation.

Visipak is a License Plate  Recognition (LPR) Camera for tolling and ITS Solutions, by Survision

The ticketless experience

LPR means ticketless: by avoiding tickets, LPR-based tolls help vehicles spend less time on the toll machines and help operators avoid ticket-related frauds.

A ticketless tolling represents less fuel used to slow down and accelerate, therefore, less pollution and more customer satisfaction.

More information: More intelligence

LPR can also help operators to associate license plate to other vehicle data such as:

  • Length, for better classification
  • Owner, for invoicing or identification in case of accidents or regulation violations
  • Type, for special measures
  • Direction for traffic studies or security
  • Region of precedence, for statistics

Express road security

Survision offers tunnels and bridges securization by providing Dangerous goods plates recognition and time spent monitoriing

Tunnels and bridges are special types of structures where confinement can lead to specific dangers. Survision Dangerous Goods Detection capability helps operators to identify potential danger and prepare better response strategies.

LPR cameras can also help measure the time vehicles spend inside these types of structures and trigger earlier emergency alarms in case of anomalies for a faster response.

How can Survision's LPR Cameras add value to your Tolling Solution?

Thanks to our specialized high-end hardware, Survision's standalone LPR Cameras perform the License Plate Recognition (LPR / ANPR) by themselves, transmitting processed data with no need for external servers or heavy equipment, significatively reducing costs without sacrificing precision.

Survision is the only LPR / ANPR Camera provider that offers a Performance warranty; Yes, we contractually commit to a minimum reading rate; otherwise, your money is refund; this makes it possible for Tolling operators and clients to make accurate projections and safer investments.

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