LPR Cameras for Parking

Survision standalone LPR Cameras are the perfect piece of hardware for modern LPR parking (On-street and Off-Street) solutions

Parking companies are constantly searching for improving service through better customer experience, pollution and costs reduction; Survision standalone (serverless and triggerless) and guaranteed accurate LPR cameras make possible an intelligent, touchless, easier, faster parking experience.

How can LPR help Off-street Parking?

Please watch this video to fully understand what a huge advance LPR is for the Parking industry.

LPR for Off-Street parking has been a revolution. Future parking will be ticketless, frictionless, easier to manage and more profitable and LPR has a significant role in it.

Benefits for customers:

  • No stopping at the barrier: No wait in lines
  • Exact Location of vehicles inside the parking
  • Instant alerts in case of theft
  • Electronic, frictionless and instant payment: no wait to pay
  • No lost ticket problems
  • High Accuracy LPR cameras guarantee fewer reading errors and then, a better customer service

Benefits for Parking owners: 

  • All tickets and their costs are gone
  • Car share fraud and its costs, gone
  • Higher revenue due to the higher occupancy rates
  • Lower pollution levels
  • Serverless LPR Cameras require fewer infrastructure changes to the parking
  • Guaranteed high reading rates allow better planning and ROI 

And... What about On-street Parking?

Mobile LPR is the capability of performing License Plate Recognition from a moving vehicle using a compact LPR camera; this allows a single parking control agent to check up to 1000 vehicles a day, much more than the 300 that could be done by foot.

Mobile LPR cameras embedded on vehicles (cars, scooters, bikes, Segways, etc.) allow efficient monitoring and enforcement on city street parking spaces.

Check out How our Picopak Mobile LPR Camera has been integrated with Segway to create the coolest Parking enforcement device ever.

How can Survision's LPR cameras bring Value to your Parking solution?

Thanks to our specialized high-end hardware, Survision's standalone LPR Cameras perform the License Plate Recognition (LPR / ANPR) by themselves, transmitting processed data with no need for external servers or triggers, therefore they can be installed everywhere, literally.

This special configuration makes it possible for parking operators to install LPR cameras in places impossible for other server-based systems, representing huge cost reduction without sacrificing precision.

Survision is the only LPR / ANPR Camera provider that offers a Performance Warranty: Yes, we contractually commit to a minimum reading rate otherwise, your money is refund; this makes it possible for parking operators and clients to make accurate projections and safer investments.

Mobile LPR Solution for parking
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