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Scheidt&Bachmann and Survision LPR Cameras made LIDL supermarket parking service easier and faster

LIDL, a European leader in mass retail and Scheidt&Bachmann, world leader in parking facilities, have come together to provide customers of the chain an innovative customer service experience with the help of SURVISION LPR cameras.


The comfort of LIDL’s customers depends particularly on how easily and quickly they can find supermarket parking. As more and more supermarkets were opening in town centers, the importance of the reservation of parking places exclusively for LIDL customers became clear.

A customer unable to find parking to load his shopping because all the spaces are occupied by improperly parked external vehicles is an unhappy customer who may never return.


Using SURVISION technology, Scheidt&Bachmann and LIDL have now installed in LIDL supermarket car-parks an access control system which combines license plate recognition and barriers. Users benefit from a free parking period, beyond which they must pay a parking fee proportional to their length of stay.


Thanks to this system, the parking spaces are only used by LIDL customers who can park easily and exit rapidly, without payment and waiting at the barriers, as long as their parking stay doesn’t exceed the allotted free period.

LIDL customers have a better experience in terms of comfort, fluidity and pollution reduction LIDL’s decision to employ the most innovative technologies for improved customer comfort is clearly in keeping with the progression of the chain in the French market. It has registered the best annual progression (with +0.4% of market shares in 2020) and has surpassed for the first time the level of 6% of market shares in France.

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