Launch of new MICROPAK 3 sensor

SURVISION is pleased to announce the launch of the MICROPAK 3 which will replace the MICROPAK 2.


February 2018


Optimized performance

Aimed, like the MICROPAK 2, mainly at access control and Stop & Go toll applications, the MICROPAK 3 is based on a new ultra-compact platform developed by SURVISION. It offers numerous improvements on the MICROPAK 2.

A high frequency processing (up to 60 images per second) and a high definition optical sensor allows for improved detection and recognition performances, all the while offering a superior coverage width (4 m).

New features are provided, including in particular a high definition, real time, H264 and RTSP video stream, compatible with standard video recorders without requiring any particular integration. The MICROPAK supports new protocols, notably NTP, SFTP and 802.1x to secure data.

The MICROPAK 3 integrates new technologies developed by SURVISION, notably the FingerPrint (plate optical signature) and the DoubleTrigger (activation of the plate reading process according to events internal or external to the sensor).

Easier to install and adjust than the MICROPAK 2 (no Focus adjustment required), the MICROPAK 3 comes with three distance options: 5-9 m, 8-13m and 10-15 meters.

It has the same approvals and certifications as the MICROPAK 2 (EMC EN 55032; IEC 62471…) as well as UL standard related certifications, mainly required in North America.


Unchanged software integration

The MICROPAK 3 requires the use of the SURVISION CDK (Camera Development Kit) made available to integrators three years ago and compatible with the WINDOWS, LINUX x86 and x64platforms. Already developed CDK-based applications are entirely compatible with the MICROPAK 3 as well as with all the cameras of the SURVISION range, regardless of the model or generation.

All SURVISION integrator partners can use the “S” version of the CDK (CDK-S) since November 2017. With this version, they can access the CDK source code, and therefore compile it on any platform.


 An even greater optimized mechanical system for smaller dimensions and easier installation

A lighter weight was achieved by using aluminum for the mechanical part. The sensor has a drawer-like design for easy maintenance. The dimensions have also been reduced. Another innovation is that the fixation points which allow for precise adjustment of the gradient thanks to the angle graduation. The MICROPAK 3 has a 24V power supply and can withstand temperatures varying from -40° to +55°.


 MICROPAK 2: last deliveries and maintenance

The last deliveries of the MICROPAK 2 will be made on 30th June 2018 at the latest. MICROPAK 2 maintenance will be ensured for at least seven years starting from 1st July 2018.


MICROPAK 3: presentation and delivery

The MICROPAK 3 will be presented at the Intertraffic trade fair in Amsterdam from 20 to 24 March 2018. The MICROPAK 3 will be available from 1st June 2018 onwards.


For more information on the features of the MICROPAK 3, a comparison of the advances over the previous version is provided.


For more information, please contact the SURVISION team at sales@survision.fr or +33 1 47510480.


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