Ciudad Segura

Survision cameras involved in the most advanced and ambitious existing security projects ever

Mexico Ciudad Segura Project is considered one of the most advanced and ambitious security projects in the world; it includes a command control communications computing and citizen contact center better known as C5; the goal is to react to the citizens emergencies and coordinate the different responders thanks to a multi-agency platform.

Since the implementation of the Ciudad Segura in 2010, critical crimes have dropped by 56% , car theft cases have dropped in 55% and emergency response time has lowered significantly from 12 to 4 minutes. This is a lot to say.

The whole system includes more than 400 monitoring and dispatch positions and 15.000 video surveillance poles complemented with 850 Survision Visipak License Plate Recognition Cameras used to detect stolen vehicles  in real time and investigate cars involved in crimes

The millions of records obtained per day are used to generate powerful statistics that can measure the criminal behavior and operational performance of the agencies involved; this helps to correlate incidents and to define preventive strategies more easily.

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