About Us

Our LPR technology brings a unique value to Parking, Access Control, Security, and Tolling industries.

Survision develops all-integrated, serverless, real-time License Plate Recognition (LPR / ANPR) Cameras that combine lighting, shooting, and image-processing algorithms into one powerful LPR standalone solution.

The company was founded in 2001 when the LPR technology was born.

We are a leading company in the LPR Market, one of the few still 100% focused on License Plate Recognition and independent from any industrial group.

Our Motivation

License Plate Recognition uses and advantages are becoming massive and bringing huge benefits for cities, companies and customers; the capability of reading license plates in real-time has become essential to the development of advanced parking, security, tolling and smart city solutions. 

Our goal is to develop advanced and affordable technology for the common good, that is why we dedicate more than 50% of our spending and energy into research and development (R&D) by continuously adding new technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence) to our LPR cameras so they become faster, smarter, smaller... and cheaper. 

Survision LPR Cameras Presence around the world

High performance plus top-quality customer service are the main reasons 30,000+ Survision LPR cameras are now operating all over the world.   

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