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Our LPR brings a unique value to Parking, Access Control, Security, and Tolling industries.

Since its creation in 2001, SURVISION is committed to the development, manufacture and sale of the best all-integrated real-time License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology. SURVISION is a leading company in the LPR Market Segment and one of the very few companies to remain 100% focused on LPR and independent from any industrial group.

Our vision is that, by lowering the price and increasing the performance of the LPR technology, the use of LPR will become massive in Parking, on roads and in Police cars within the years to come as the most convenient and reliable technology to identify and track vehicles. 

It is by a permanent and massive effort in R&D and by incorporating into its cameras the latest technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence) that this can be achieved. R&D accounts for more than half of the company's workforce and expenses. 

Survision LPR Cameras Presence around the world

Our Technologies

Performance, speed, compactness, durability, ease of installation and implementation are the advantages that SURVISION can offer its customers thanks to its evolved technology.

SURVISION provide integrated, stand-alone LPR cameras that combine lighting, shooting, and image-processing algorithms. Over half of the company's spending is dedicated to research and development.

Focused on vehicle identification, SURVISION's technologies use the most advanced techniques in image processing. SURVISION sensors use in particular the principles of Artificial Intelligence (Convolutional Neural Network).

The different models of the SURVISION cameras thus provide in real time, without any external trigger device and without a processing server:

Survision SDK

SURVISION's cameras provide their data through a unique Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables integrators in the world of transportation, parking and public safety to offer their customers, businesses and administrations, effective and inexpensive solutions in vehicle management.

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