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Learn how to use the world's smallest LPR Camera to revolutionize Parking enforcement!


Parking Enforcement on wheels!

Survision Platenforce: Mobile Parking Enforcement Solution

Paired with Residential security systems, Pay-by-License Plate, Parking meters or mobile payment apps, Mobile LPR is ideal for on-street and off-street parking enforcement as it uses license plate information for cloud-based instant verification of valid parking sessions.

Using LPR, patrol officers no longer need to manually check each license plate against a database or take photos of infractors; LPR cameras mounted on any vehicle allow them to instantly associate the plate and an image to a violation notice, making the process faster and much more accurate.


Parking Enforcement evolution

Survision Platenforce is our Cloud-based Mobile Parking enforcement solution designed to identify non-compliant vehicles “on the go”, whether is payment-based or private access scenarios.

Survision Platenforce:

The smart mobile Parking Enforcement Solution

Survision Platenforce: Mobile Parking Enforcement Solution Features

So many benefits for such a simple solution!

1. No more dedicated hardware (except Picopak LPR Camera): you can use any handheld device and any 4G router!

2. Faster data availability, for better LPI management (lost tickets, frauds, wanted vehicles, security checks and customer service).

3. No more dedicated vehicles!: The whole solution is totally portable, light and easy to adapt to any vehicle.

Survision Movi License Plate Inventory solution

Use it Anywhere

And move it Anytime!

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