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Survision LPI Solution

License Plate Inventory (LPI) is about managing (monitoring, retrieving, grouping and searching) license plate numbers (LPN).

Survision LPI solutions are designed to provide operators with key data for today's enhanced Parking: Occupancy reports, identifying stolen vehicles, finding lost vehicles and avoiding fraud, among others.

Any efficient LPI requires versatility and mobility, the perfect job for the world smallest LPR camera: Picopak

More About License Plate Inventory

License Plate Inventory Solutions

These Fixed and Mobile LPI combinations will help you create more complex vehicle monitoring systems for intelligent operations and better customer service:

LPI to Go LPI Solution

Mobile LPI Vehicle Only.
Drive around to inventory the parked vehicles

LPI Monitor, LPI Solution

Combine Mobile LPI with fixed LPR Cameras at entries/exits for enhanced analytics

Light, adaptable, precise, fast and connected!
Mobile LPI Hardware + Cloud

Survision LPI to Go Solution Features
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So many benefits for such a simple solution!

1. No more dedicated hardware (except Picopak LPR Camera): you can use any handheld device and any 4G router!

2. Faster data availability, for better LPI management (lost tickets, frauds, wanted vehicles, security checks and customer service).

3. No more dedicated vehicles!: The whole solution is totally portable, light and easy to adapt to any vehicle.

Survision LPI to GO License Plate Inventory solution

Use it Anywhere

And move it Anytime!

Knowing the location of every vehicle in the facility creates a whole range of possibilities regarding reports and alerts; this is a game-changer regarding security, management and customer service.

Survision LPI to Go LPI Solution Real Photos

LPI to GO + Fixed LPR Cameras for enhanced analytics

Survision LPI Solution

Deeper monitoring for a smarter operation

Extend your monitoring capabilities by adding fixed LPR Cameras at entries and exits for improving the system's whole accuracy:

  • Improved error handling
  • Missing vehicles detection
  • Real-time occupancy reports

How Does LPI Monitor Work?

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Case Studies

These operators have experience boosts in their LPI efficiency thanks to our LPI Solutions; dig in to learn more about their experiences.

Monitoring Dashboard

The data you really need for a productive LPI

Extend your monitoring capabilities by adding fixed LPR Cameras at entries and exits for improving the system’s whole accuracy:

  • LPN Inventory (List, Search & Filter)
  • Zones Management
  • Occupancy Reports
  • Traffic Reports
  • Mobile and Fixed Units Status
  • Data Export
  • Support & Troubleshooting
Survision LPI Solution Dashboard

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