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Learn how to use the world's smallest / all-included LPR Camera to revolutionize LPI!

License Plate Inventory methods need our help!

Survision Movi LPI Solution

Let’s face it. Today’s LPI present looks more like its past. Heavily modified vehicles or on-foot agents circle the premises reading plates, having to end their journey at the office for clumsy data transfer.

Working together, LPR & LPI provide high levels of confidence, comfort and security, but today challenges urgently demand upgrades in this field: more and faster traffic, more impatient customers and more fraud attempts bring the need to maximize versatility.

LPI needs to evolve

And this is where we, the creators of the world’s smallest all-embedded LPR camera, have a say. Survision LPI to GO is what we think the present of LPI should be: Light, adaptable, precise, fast ... and connected!

Survision LPI to GO:

The smart mobile LPI Solution

Survision Movi LPI Solution Features
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So many benefits for such a simple solution!

1. No more dedicated hardware (except Picopak LPR Camera): you can use any handheld device and any 4G router!

2. Faster data availability, for better LPI management (lost tickets, frauds, wanted vehicles, security checks and customer service).

3. No more dedicated vehicles!: The whole solution is totally portable, light and easy to adapt to any vehicle.

Survision LPI to GO License Plate Inventory solution

Use it Anywhere

And move it Anytime!

Smart License Plate Inventory (LPI) Solution
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