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How to know your LPR is operating at its best?

When you trust your vehicle control operation to a camera, accuracy becomes critical.

The holy grail of LPR is a delicate balance between many interconnected variables. Changes to the optimal settings can highly impact your operation.

70% of our support tickets come from installation or configuration human oversights, often easily spotted and fixed by our accuracy-obsessed LPR experts, used to deal with these issues daily.


Survision Guard LPR Monitoring service

We put our Obsession for Accuracy at your service!

We are constantly researching and trying new ways to improve LPR performance, which is reflected in our frequent firmware upgrades.

Sadly, most of our 50k+ cameras deployed worldwide are not taking advantage of this.


If only there was a way to “connect” our LPR expertise to your LPR system...


Good News:
There is a way!

We created Survision Guard, a certification and monitoring software based service that ensures the optimal performance of your Survision LPR Cameras.

Survision Guard LPR Monitoring Service
Survision Guard LPR Monitoring Service

Using advanced software, Survision Guard certifies optimal installation, monitors performance, notifies malfunctions and provides detailed troubleshooting for your LPR cameras!



Survision Guard is a two-phased human/software service:

Survision Guard LPR Monitoring Service

1- Installation Certification

Detailed remote revision and tweaking on your installation to certify its compliance with the optimal configuration.

Your camera will display a “Certified” Status on a dashboard, which means we are sure it will work as promised.


2- Remote Monitoring

Our team will supervise your cameras (not your data!) and diagnose/notify you about anomalies in real time, all the time.

Survision Guard LPR Monitoring Service


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Our Monitoring Application

Camera Supervision Tool (CST)

The connection between Survision LPR experts and you! Operating in both: our Control Room and your installations, CST constantly receives, processes and displays real-time information from every installed camera, so our technicians can perform accurate diagnoses, instant alerts and detailed reports:

Firmware Updates

We are constantly optimizing our AI-powered algorithm to improve our cameras' accuracy; CST notifies you about available firmware updates.

Survision won't interrupt your operation, changes to your cameras will always be your choice.

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Certification & Monitoring

How does Survision Guard works?

Every camera gets connected to our Cloud over TCP/IP; it makes it visible for us so we can associate to your project.

We start a remote “Validation Process” using CST routines and manual checks, notifying you about every issue we find and providing detailed troubleshooting.


If settings are OK, we will do a “Performance Check” by analyzing 250 license plates to create an “Accuracy Report” and compare it with your expectations.

Once everything is OK with your camera, our experts will change its status to “Certified”, which means that we are sure you will get the promised performance.


Finally, 24/7 Monitoring service starts; CST will check that every parameter stays the same as the validation snapshot, notifying you and us about any change.

LPR Camera Survision Nanopak

Survision Guard is a one-of-its-kind service that guarantees you will have 20+ years of expertise powering your LPR installation, ensuring the best performance possible at any time.

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