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What are ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras are cameras that read and digitalize vehicles' number plates in real-time. These All-included cameras can do the whole detection/recording/process/transmitting process all by themselves, without servers or triggers, sending compact digital data instead of heavy videos/images.

ANPR cameras have special hardware explicitly designed for ANPR such as specialized optics, integrated light source and special protective cases. Also, ANPR cameras have their own AI-powered firmware, also designed for dealing only with number plates, performing additional discrimination processes to understand every license plate design in the world.

ANPR Cameras are ideal for Vehicle Access Control, Security, ITS, Tolling , Car Parks and Smart City applications.

How do ANPR Cameras work?

ANPR cameras are designed specifically for number plate recognition and nothing else; that gives them higher performance at lower costs

All Integrated

Light, protective case and camera togheter


ANPR process is entirely done in the camera firmware


No need for external triggers to take the shot

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

ANPR Cameras software can learn from collected data to improve performance over time

Only 5ft to read plates

No other camera can read plates at distances this short

Just need 1 camera per lane

ANPR cameras read vehicles entering and exiting

Performance Guaranteed

Specialization results in confidence


Supervision service that certifies installation and monitors performance of your ANPR cameras

Total Support

Better than a good equipment is a good team behind the notches

ANPR Cameras in detail

Using specialized proprietary hardware and firmware, these ANPR cameras are designed to be the fastest and more precise devices to read number plates in the more complex conditions


Medium range outdoor ultra-compact high quality ANPR camera.


Compact and versatile ANPR Camera for ground or in-barrier installation for Parking, Access Control and Toll lanes


Mobile mounting for Security and on-street parking ANPR Camera


Our most powerful ANPR Camera. Pole or gantry installation for ITS and Free-Flow Tolling


ANPR camera designed for the city with 4G capabilities

Intelligent ANPR Cameras for better vehicle control solutions

Smart Cities

ANPR Integration to city sensors can improve management of traffic, security and pollution in the cities


Survision standalone ANPR Cameras are the perfect piece of hardware for modern ANPR parking (On-street and Off-Street) solutions

Access Control

ANPR cameras can help increase security and service quality in all kind of restricted access sites


Survision ANPR standalone cameras have given security forces the ability to identify vehicles by plate numbers on the go

Tolling and ITS

LPR cameras precise enough to meet free flow tolling and road monitoring challenges


What is ANPR?

The magic behind the ANPR cameras: Automatic Number Plate Recognition is basically capturing a number plate, and converting it into digital data.

But there is so much more to it. This function allows a huge transformation in how many vehicles control-related operations work. By matching number plates with real-time vehicle information such as time, place, direction, speed, origin, alerts and public information about the driver, operators can access huge benefits such as cost lowering, increased security, lower air pollution, fastest and frictionless service. 

Survision Nanopak Rugged LPR Camera

How does ANPR Cameras work?

Once the camera has captured the number plate image, AI firmware translates it into machine-readable characters or digital information.

  1. How ANPR Works: ANPR Phases: Localization on Survision, ANPR Cameras1 • Localization: Locating the number within the image, disregarding unnecessary information.
  2. How ANPR Works: ANPR Phases: Segmentation on Survision, ANPR Cameras2 • Segmentation: Precisely separating the coordinates containing every character to identify them.
  3. How ANPR Works: ANPR Phases: Identification on Survision, ANPR Cameras3 • Identification: Recognizing the character from every zone.
  4. How ANPR Works: ANPR Phases: Regionalization on Survision, ANPR Cameras4 • Regionalization: Geographic region-based identification and disambiguation.
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