PICOPAK, a revolution for the mobile license plate recognition

The smallest all-integrated license plate recognition camera ever manufactured

SURVISION announces the launch of the PICOPAK 3, the smallest all-integrated License Plate Recognition camera ever manufactured for embedded applications.

Intended for installation on a vehicle roof, on a bike, scooter, motorbike or any other motorized device, the PICOPAK facilitates the rapid and low-cost implementation of both public security applications (detection of wanted or stolen vehicles) and parking management

Embedding all the processing allows for the extraction in real-time of the license plate, the PICOPAK does not require any processing server.

A Wi-Fi interface and an embedded Web server enable the installation of very light applications without any specific equipment on-board the vehicle.

Its ultra-compact size (10x10x4cm environ), small weight of less than 600 g and low energy consumption (10 W on average) facilitate the permanent or temporary integration on all types of vehicles.

For more information, see Picopak LPR Camera Details.

Picopak LPR Camera
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