Survision LPR Cameras

The easiest way to capture, save, search and view license plate numbers


Get the list of all license plates on your lot and analyze them to improve your service.


Comfort and security by identifying residents from visitors and recording their entries and exits.

Industrial and Commercial

Maximize operation's accuracy and security by automating license plates detection and digitalization.


Integrate with other systems such as police Hot list or parent's database.


Capture, save, list, search, filter and download license plate numbers from all vehicles coming in and out of your premises with this simple, yet powerful solution:

  • A Camera that reads license plates
  • a Cloud App to manage the data from any device
  • 4G connectivity! (optional)
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Cloud App

You will be able to capture, record, list, search and download this information from all vehicles passing in front of the camera:

  • License plate number
  • Country/State
  • Direction
  • Time of the reading
  • Image JPEG of each license plate
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