License Plate Recognition Cameras

License Plate Recognition Cameras are special equipment designed for triggerless, serverless and frictionless vehicle control and monitoring. License Plate Recognition Cameras are widely used to improve Parking, Access Control, Security, ITS, Tolling and Smart City operations.

Survision Cameras read and process license plates in real-time without LPR servers of physical Triggers. 

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AI powered LPR cameras for vehicle control solutions

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Tolling and ITS

Survision Nanopak Totem LPR Camera

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What is LPR, Exactly?

Carried out by an LPR Camera, it is optically capturing a license plate and transforming it into digital information in real-time.

This process allows operators to associate more data (besides the plate) to every vehicle, such as time, place, direction, speed, origin, alerts and public information about the driver. 

Survision Nanopak Rugged LPR Camera

How does License Plate Recognition work?

Once the LPR camera has captured the license plate image, the camera firmware uses AI-powered, specialized OCR routines to translate it into digital (machine-readable) characters.

  1. How LPR Works: LPR Phases: Localization on Survision, LPR Cameras1 • Localization: Finding the License Plate within the image, disregarding unnecessary data and focusing on the characters.
  2. How LPR Works: LPR Phases: Segmentation on Survision, LPR Cameras2 • Segmentation: Separating the precise zone containing every character to identify them separately.
  3. How LPR Works: LPR Phases: Identification on Survision, LPR Cameras3 • Identification: Character recognition from the individual zones previously identified.
  4. How LPR Works: LPR Phases: Regionalization on Survision, LPR Cameras4 • Regionalization: Regional Syntactical Correction to identify ambiguities on apparently identical characters (I and 1, O and 0, B and 8, etc.).


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